Group Norms

No matter how good you are at multitasking, we ask you to put away your phone, resist from texting and all that jazz. We will take a break and you can send a quick text, snap, tweet, instagram, etc. at that point. If you are expecting a phone call you cannot miss, we will not judge!

Please feel free to ask questions at any time throughout these discussion workshops. Unless someone is mid-sentence, it is always an appropriate time to ask questions. Even if it isn’t relevant to the topic, throw it out there – get it off your mind and on to ours.

Slightly modified! So, during the discussion workshops someone may share something personal, may ask a question, may say something that they wouldn’t want attached to their name outside this space. Remember that what is said here stays here and what is learned here leaves here. You’re welcome to share anything that we say in this space with others and attach it to our name, but we respectfully request that you take away the message from others’ shares and not their names.

We really appreciate it if, at some point, y’all could laugh! This training is going to be fun, and we’ll do our best to keep it upbeat, so just know it’s ok to laugh! Laughter indicates that you’re paying attention, and that we haven’t killed your soul. So yeah.

If you are someone who participates often and is comfortable talking – awesome! Do it. Also, we ask that you try to remain aware of your participation and after you’ve shared a few times to leave space for other people to also put their ideas out there. If you usually wait to share jump in!

If you say something and then later disagree with yourself, that is a-okay! This is a safe space to say something and then later feel differently and change your mind. We even encourage it. “Stop, rewind, I changed my mind.”

Speak for yourself; avoid comments like “everybody knows.”




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