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LGBTQ Healthy Relationships I:

Couples Master Class Workshop

It’s check-up time!

Brought to you by Triangle LGBTQ Group in collaboration with Light-Work Resources Holistic Health Center, the Couples Master Class Workshop provides the support needed for LGBTQ+ couples and families to thrive.

Unhealthy relationships can cause increased stress and difficulty in all areas of life. This free (donations accepted) two-hour workshop is designed to help guide participants in analyzing factors that contribute to healthy relationships and to identify and correct characteristics associated with conflicted relationships.

Participants will:

  • learn strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship,
  • learn to speak in one another’s love language,
  • improve communication and conflict resolution skills, and
  • discuss family roles and systems.

This and other workshops and service initiatives are offered for free, thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors. Please consider becoming a donor to support our Healthy Relationships program as well as other important programs and services we offer to the community:

Triangle LGBTQ Group

Triangle LGBTQ Group is a recognized nonprofit organization that provides inclusive, safe, and friendly, services, activities, and events that focus on building community and healthy relationships and cultivate new and lasting friendships. Our vision is promoting LGBTQ+ individuals’ and families’ wholeness through healthy relationships, active, fun, and creative events, and community service.

Light-Work Resources Holistic Health Center

The mission of Light-Work Resources Holistic Health Center is to create a safe space community of healing mind, body, and soul through therapy and coaching as well as various other creative methods incorporated into our purpose driven empowerment programs and services.

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Free Admission

Although this is a workshop specifically for couples, we are aware that relationships in the LGBTQ+ community are diverse, with varied forms of statuses and arrangements. If you are not part of a couple, but are interested in hearing about future workshops and support groups that might be a better fit for you, please sign up for updates.

Workshop Facilitators

Racquel Merritt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist in North Carolina. Racquel is a co-founder of Light-Work Resources and co-author of “A Journey to Spiritual Health,” a guide to finding peace and strength, available on Amazon. Racquel holds that the answers to our troubles are found within ourselves.

Donald “Von” Norwood is a Purpose-Driven Empowerment & Mental Health Coach in the state of North Carolina with a Masters degree in Social Work. Donald believes that assisting people to heal the wounds of their past, finding purpose in their present and manifesting positivity in their futures is the goal for all human being encounters.

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We will notify you when the next workshop is scheduled.

Free Admission


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